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Wonder: (v.) to ask yourself questions or express a wish to know about something
Lust: (n.) a very powerful feeling of wanting something

Raquel. Shy but outspoken. Opinionated not bigoted. Thoughtful but maybe too much.

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I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m feeling incredibly at ease tonight. The early storm cooled off my room quite nicely and I made a cup of tea. 

Pretty much a snuggle is the only thing that could make this night feel better. But the best part is that I don’t feel like I need one right now. Which is a lovely change of pace. 

Good night everyone. I hope you all are pleasantly content as well. 

Fun Fact: I twist my ankle so often that no one is surprised and I already have a brace for it. 

Those gosh darn stairs and that unfortunately clingy gravity. 

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Name: Raquel
Age: 20
Gender: Female


Food: So many. 
Drink: Coffee. 
Book: Also so many. 
Favorite author: How?!?! 
Song: Hmmm„„ Clair De Lune - Debussy, No Such Thing - John Mayer, Anything I can sing along to poorly…
Movie: Pride & Prejudice (2005)
TV Show: Planet Earth, Vikings, Game of Thrones
Place: Any nature walk and or hike. It’s just really peaceful. 
School Subject: Social Studies
Sport: Soccer, dancing
Male Actor: Nah
Female Actor: Meh


Significant Other: Yes. 
Siblings: Full Sibling - 1; Half Siblings - 3; Step Siblings - 2
Dream Job: Embassy work, policy writer, delegate. 
Fears: Failure, Needles, dependency, financial instability
Political Ideology: Independent. Moderate. Unaffiliated. 
Religion: Roman Catholic
Tattoos: Fuck no. 
Piercings: Standard ear piercing I got when I was little. 
Languages: English, Spanish. 


Reason Behind URL: Because wonderlust wasn’t an option.
Reason Behind Icon: Because Valais Black Nosed Sheep are my favorite and the lamb is adorable also because silly name definition reasons
Why You Joined: My friends made tumblr seem really cool.

Hoarded URLs: Not about that life. 

Today was honestly the reprieve that I desperately needed. Thank you.

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This has been an emotionally exhausting week, filled with a constant need of hugs and or general comfort, a massive amount of anxiety, and the desperate need for a good night sleep that keeps eluding me. 

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That was not what I was expecting. Oh god. 

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the fourth star on the crown

the fourth star on the crown

I feel better! I sound like death because I’m hoarse but I CAN BREATHE AGAIN!!! 

germs be damned i really need that hug…

Fuck You Immune System. I had plans this weekend. Damn it. 

So I have been doing a bit of traveling as of late and I have had a lot of thoughts and reflections about the events therein… 

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World cup winning goal reaction from Bethlehem PA. I BELIEVE!!!!!!

Hey wayward-wonders! Can you find us? 

This was so much fun!